Thursday, December 3, 2009

An introduction

This is my first time blogging and i am not sure how to begin so i figured i would introduce myself a bit and explain what brought me here.
My name is shandrea i am 26yrs old and i am doing this in memory of my precious angels camron jaiden and xaven zaraih. In janurary of 2009 my husband and i found out we were pregnant with our first child togeather ( he has a son 8 and a daughter 7 from a previous relationship) we were so excited and happy but on april 14 of this year our world cam crashing down when we miscarried at 18 weeks. But at the end of august we found out that we were blessed again to be pregnant, but again that unfortunately ended on Nov.26. So now i sit with so many thougts running through my head of how and why and what if's and i didn't know what to do with them, so thanks to two wonderful women who's blogs give me such hope and encouragement i thought i could try and do the same while letting out my feelings when i feel i can't speak. So here goes .


Andrea said...

Sweet Shandrea,

You did it! You started a blog and I am so proud of you. Your strength amazes me and I admire your poise and how beautifuly you are walking this path. It's not easy by any stretch and you have been dealt more than your fair share, but your remain hopeful and resilient. I admire your courage :)

This blog is going to provide you with much strength and you will be surrounded by the love of other baby lost mamas who will put their arms around you. I'm so sorry we met through grief, but I thank God for blessing me with your friendship.

Love to you my sweet friend,
Andrea xoxo

Holly said...

Blogging is a wonderful outlet that I am thankful for. I'm so sorry that you have had to say goodbye to 2 of your precious babies

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