Sunday, May 23, 2010

It can be done!

I just wanted to take a moment to share some hope . I know this journey is hard, heartbreaking, earthshattering and taxing. But it can be done. Regardless the method, it can be done. Just when you think you're out, when you can't go on, when you want to give up, when your faith is low, just remember, it's not over. I know a lot of us ( yes us, eventhough some would say i'm young) worry about our age and time, but I found hope for you and even for me, eventhough i'm blessed with another chance, i've found hope to hold on, I've found hope and strength to go on believing for the rest of you.

I was talking to an aunt that lives out of state and she informed me that my uncles wife is pregnant, and i know , some may wonder okay but what does that have to do with anything. Well she is 42. And i'm not saying that's old but as you know some of us get worried about turning 30 or 31 or 32 and so on, thinking that another year lessens the chance and i know that this is not the case for everybody, but, this news brought me hope. This news let me know to not give up to keep going to God and to keep holding on.

So it is my prayer for all of you that God meets your every need and desire. That when you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel, he gives you a second wind, let you hold to your faith and know that

It Can Be Done.

I love you all.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I finally have time to write it. I finally have the courage to get it out. I've been wanting to for a while but, there has been so much going on with camron's angelversary and xavien's EDD and my thursday bible study and then mother's day. I just didn't want to take the focus off my babies and i didn't want to dampen anyones mood or day with the news. (eventhough i know all would still be happy for me, but i know the feelings along with it ) so here goes.

As of today i am 11wks3days pg. I've known for a bit but only told a few. It's just been hard to get it out. I mean this is the 3rd time (not saying that it's any less important) but it's just hard to actually get it out there.

But i won't babble on about it here, b/c this one is still dedicated to camron and xavien but i do have a blog chonicalling this experience. I am taking it off being private for those who would like to follow along there too.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I know that i'm a day late but know that i have not forgotten about any of you. You were all in my thoughts. I just couldn't get to a computer to let you know it.

Even though we hold our babies in our hearts instead of our arms.
We are still mothers.

Though we send kisses on prayers instead of placing them on cheeks .
We are still mothers.

Even though our ways are unconventional we still parent, we still care, we still guide and most of all we still LOVE!


I hope you all had a


I also have to take a moment to share a text sent by my cousin that simply made my day. It was the most heartfelt text i'd gotten all day.

she simply said
"I hope this doesn't offend you or hurt your feelings in anyway. You are still a wonderful mother in God's eyes as well as mine , so Happy Mother's Day. Love you lots."

I thought that was the sweetest thought ever and i got it early that morning so it really help to make my day.

Thank you God for her.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Thank you to Jennifer over at for taking the time to honor our angels along with hers.

Hoping that you all smiled yesterday when thinking of your angels. Sending all of my beautiful mothers and BIG Warm HUG;)