Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back here again

After a few days of peace, and dare i say it , a little bit of happiness. The sadness is back and it sucks. it started yesterday when i found out i'm gonna have to wait a little longer than i wanted before i can start school. and i know i know it's nothing major, that at least i will still get to go, just not when i want to. But the having to wait is not why i cried. I cried b/c i went to visit the school with an expectation and unfortunately what i expected didn't happen, I cried b/c i just wanted something to go my way. This past year and a half has been nothing but heartache and i just wanted a moment of good news for me. Sometimes i feel like i ask God for too much at once but then i think he's a mighty God he's able to do exceedingly abundantly more that i can ever imagine, so the things that i ask for arent much at all. which then leads me to wandering what am i doing wrong, what am i missing, what am i not seeing. I mean i am truly thankful that he hears my prayers when I ask him to bless others. I am truly happy for them when i hear of therir good news. But i just want, no need just something good in my life. I know that good things are coming my way, I just need to them to come a little quicker i guess.

Loving My Angels


Andrea said...

Sweetest Grace,

I am so sorry that you have been met once again by disappointment, as I know you were looking forward to going back to school. Why these things happen is a mystery to me and it often seems they come all at once. My heart aches, as I know the feeling of dream defered all too well and it does pain the heart.

Yes, God does hear our prayers...he listens and he answers. We grow impatient because we do not know the script for his plan and trust me, I grew very impatient with him. However, I do not believe he elects to hurt us, but to protect us. Perhaps he thinks you need something else in your life other than school right now. Maybe he is preparing a new path for you? I want to believe what is to be revealed will bring "GOOD" things your way. I'm praying that specific prayer...that GOD shower your with nothing but sunshine, GOOD things, peace and Love.

This prayer I WILL PRAY.

Thank you for always praying for me....I feel it :)

Love to you and may today be brighter than yesterday and may tomorrow bring signs of promise.


Jessica said...

I need good things to come quicker too... life seems like one big waiting game and I hate waiting. Maybe God is trying to tell me I need more patience ;)

Annie said...

After I lost my babies and became infertile on top of it, I made it a point to pray for my friends who were also struggling to add to their families. Since then EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has successfully had at least one more baby and I'm still waiting for a miracle. My prayers seem to work very well for everyone but me!! Now I'm praying for YOU!

Brie said...

Annie said exactly what I was going too..Guess I'm not alone with my prayers working for others, and not for myself. I would love to see something go your way..no one deserves as much heartbreak and dissappointment as you have had in the past year. NO ONE. Here's to hoping something goes your way soon.

Angie H said...

dear Shandrea !

So sorry you were dissapointed .
I dont know the details about what happened with your school but it seems like you are still going to do it , just later ?
I feel like you many times now , when things doesnt go my way I am close to tears , and it doesnt really have to be big things , this morning I was near to cry because they didnt book any replacement car for me when I left our car at the garage .....I had to take the bus home it wasnt a huge problem but yet I had tears in my eyes ,I know I am more sensitive now , Im just more fragile right now and I guess its part of the grieving proces.I would love to skip that proces but it seems impossible ,it seems like you have to be sad and let yourself cry before you can move on and " get over " it ( I know you never get over it but you learn to live again )
You are not asking to much from God I think, I pray soon it will be your time to get what your heart wish for .
Dont give up sweet friend , I believe soon in the future thins WILL go your way .
Sending you love Angie

Holly said...

I think we'd all like good things to come quicker in our lives. It's hard sometimes to wait for God's timing on things. You've got lots praying for you!

waiting41infla said...

Just sending you good thoughts and prayers for a new week. I hope you have a wonderful first week of Fall. I hope it is filled with blessings and joys.
Thinking of you always. Much hugs and love.

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