Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Am, I Will

I am a child of God. He loves me. I am his and he is mine. I will hope in him, i will believe in him. with him i am able to do all things. This is what i will hold too. When anxiety tries to rear it's ugly head, when hopelessness tries to push it's way in. I am done. Done giving in to the sadness, done giving into despair and hurt and pain. That is not the way my God has destined me to live. Yes there will still be tears. yes there will still be moments, but they will not own me. I will not give in to the tricks of the enemy. My body , mind and spirit belongs to God. I choose to walk with him, to walk in him. I know that I have purpose. I knw that it one day shall be revealed. I know that i will look back on all that i've been through and thank God because of what it brought me. I will forever love my babies that are residing in that sweet place i one day hope to be that i can see their beautiful faces again, but while im here i will remember the things that they've taught me , the blessings and people they have brought me, i will continue to love deeply, do my best to forgive more quickly, to bless others as they have blessed me. Most importantly to continue to do my best, not just my best but the best in me that God has given me as i trudge along this journey.

Loving My Angels


DeniFay said...

Such true words!! You are such a fighter, such a positive ray of sunshine, such an inspiration! Keep moving forward honey, I'm right here cheering you along!!!!

Andrea said...

You are right sweet friend, all we can do is our "best". When we walk "with" him, the journey is much easier...as he carries us.

This is a beautiful post. I find such inspiration in you always. Your FAITH is immeasurable. A TRUE child of God you are...one that is obedient and loyal. It is this devout faith that sees you through the most challenging days.

Here for you always...love you so much

ps and praying for you daily

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