Monday, September 13, 2010

Just Wandering

This evening i had to make a trip to wal-mart to get something for dinner and while on my way out i began to think about a few things.

1. will i one day become a hermit b/c i can't go out in public because i seem to get attacked by precious babies and big pg bellies.

2. will i one day pass out in a store b/c i sometimes hold my breath when i see a belly to keep from crying?

3. and if i were to become said hermit, will i starve to death because i can't go out to get me anything to eat?

4. Can one get dehydrated from crying so much?

Also today i found a peri that seems to be highly rated to get a second opinion from. I mean some said that her bedside manner sucks but they would still see her because she is very good at what she does. This would seem to be good news right? Well duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuuuuh she only does one consultation a week and she doesn't have any openings until january and on top of that the secretary said she had to give her my info and why i want to talk to her and then she will call me back to let me know IF she will see me! so not only is this appt after january but it's not even a sure one yet. Geesh!

so in hearing this news it made me wonder

1. maybe i can go stay with my mom for a bit and see if i can find a peri there?

2. Is the sims3 the only place where i can have the family i want?


This is what sometimes happens when my mind wanders.

Loving My Angels


DeniFay said...

Awww honey! I have often wondered very similar things while being in lots of stores! I vote you go stay with your mom and find a peri there, or you are more than welcome to come stay with me and find one close to me! I wondered too if there is any real place where I could have a family! I'm sorry that you had the wandering mind today and it went to sad places. I'm sending you lots of love! Wishing that peri was one you could get into asap! Praying for some answers for you too!!!

Andrea said...

I have to admit, Target always reduces me to tears. Just last week I went to good old Target at around 1 o'clock in the afternoon and was that ever a mistake. It was a complete and total baby fest. My heart sank and in that moment I realized that I probably won't ever be the old me. Now, I can only try to work to become a new improved me, one with some flaws, but one that does her best to get by. That is what we have to do sometimes. When the storm hits we have to go into survival mode and you are doing a beautiful job.

As for the peri, I am going to pray that she will take you. Could your OB possibly get you in to see her? When she calls you, tell her that you believe her to be absolute best in her field and that you very much want to see her. Plead your case to can't hurt to beg. If all else fails, ask her for "who" she would trust that is considered to be as acomplished as herself. In the meantime, we are going to pray that she takes you and that you don't have to wait until January.

Or, we go to plan B and you go to your Mom's and find a fabulous peri there. That is a wonderful possibility. And it wouldn't hurt to get an opinion there either :)

So sorry that your burden is so heavy...I'll share it with you anytime.

Much love and thank you for the sunshine today.

Andrea said...


Is Texas Children's Fetal & Maternal Medical center in Houston and option? Just a thought...

More Love

Brie said...

Isn't that just the pitts? Having to wait so long for an appointment when you just want an answer now? It almost sounds like that peri operates a boutique practice, where she limits the # of consultations, thus limiting the number of patient's she sees so she can give undivided attention, but I think it's sort of odd that she has to decide whether to consult with a patient who obviously wants to see her for her opinion.
Is there anywhere else you can look for a peri?

I am worried because I will be considered high risk now, and my insurance doesnt have any contracted peri's in town for me to see. Looks like we may pay cash to find one who will be willing to treat me, but we will cross that bridge when it comes.

Much love to you. I think about you often.

klarsen said...

Praying you will find the right doctor. Love you xoxo

Annie said...

January is such a long time to wait! Could they at least get you on a waiting list right now in case one of her other patients cancels? If you're able to be flexible and go on short notice, maybe you could get in a lot sooner.

Holly said...

I'm w/ Katy in that I hope you can find the right dr. Praying God brings the right one to you!

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