Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am currently looking for a peri. I want to find the best doctor for me for the time that we ttc again. I want to make sure there won't have to be any guessing games or trying something and it not work out. I want to make sure i do everything right this time to the best of my ability . I want to know all my options if any. I am in no way downing my current doc. but i want to see if there are other solutions than the one that he is proposing. So i would like suggestions or recommendations from anyone in the Houston area or may not be in the houston are but can suggest someone in this are. . So if anyone has anysuggestions please feel free to leave info in a comment or you can e-mail me at oneshandrea04@gmail.com

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DeniFay said...

Checking for you!!! We're gonna get you the best care possible sweet friend! You and I will both succeed! Love you!

Michele said...

Sorry... Unless you can come to PA, I have no advice :( But in the Philadelphia area, I have a great recommendation!

Andrea said...

We ARE going to find that perfect peri for you honey! Don't fret, we are well on our way :)


Lori said...

I see my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful peri on Monday...I'll ask him if he would have any idea of how one would go about that in your area. For the record, regarding the one who may be good at what she does but bedside manner may lack---I'd stay away...bedside manner is SO important....half the reason that Dr. Sweeney does all the u/s he does and gives me his cell number and sends me messages on fb to let me know that all is ok is because he knows how important MENTAL health is and how important the MOM is as a patient. There's one out there who will be able to be both to you--I know it.

And you are always welcome to come stay with me and see my miracle man!!! xoxo

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