Thursday, September 9, 2010


This is Camron's due date and one would think that if i got through that then 9-9-2010 should be a breeze. But it isn't. because now there are thoughts of "had my body not failed, had i not failed then he'd be turning one today". I think of all the milestones that would have passed in only the first year of his life. The first time he crawled, his first steps, the first time he said ma ma or da da, . I wonder how much he'd way now, how big would he be? I think of how loved and somewhat spoiled he'd be. How special i would have made this day for him. But here i sit with empty arms and a piece of my heart gone.
So today I am blowing kisses to heaven and sending prayers on the wings of angels to my little angel to let him know that I love him and I miss him. He will always be my first born, my first joy and my first love.
Forever Loving My Angels


Andrea said...

Blowing kisses up to Heaven with you sweet friend. These dates just don't seem to get any easier. It just plain hurts. I'm sorry for your pain and I pray that God comforts your aching heart. More than anything, I know that our boys are healthy, happy and whole and that is what soothes my heart.

Much Love to you,

Antoinette said...

Oh sweetie...i know this is a hard day for you...we all know...I cant imagine it not triggering all the 'what ifs' and at time those thoughts are so much harder on days like today...thinking of you and that sweet baby ((hugs))

seding kisses to heaven today too <3

DeniFay said...

Kisses to that sweet angel boy! I know you're hurting and there is nothing flowery I will say. You deserve to grieve and cry and hurt and be sad. I'm praying for you and know that better days are ahead, but for now, just supporting you in your sadness. Camron, so loved, always remembered and greatly cherished. I'm sad that you aren't here, and grateful to have your mommy as my friend!

AHB said...

Blowing kisses with you..just so sorry you have to hurt at all..I'm sure today is very difficult, but I want you to know that I am praying for you and remembering that beautiful baby boy with you. Sending hugs your way..

Lori said...

Catching up but letting you know you are never far from my heart! xoxoxoxo

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