Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

This very thing was at one time very hard to do at all. Even now it still is hard at times. But now there are at least times that i can. But I must admit also that there are times that this is hard. One can't help but look at those blessed with what you so desperately long for and wonder why them and not me, why do i suffer yet it comes so easily for them. But then I read this passage this morning and it brings me comfort. If i just focus on him and not what others have, if i just give myself to him, keep my eyes on him, remember his promises for me , his blessings for me, his love for me then he will give me what i so desire. Of course this is not easy. Doing this also means being patient, it means waiting and of course these things seem to be very hard to do. Yet and still no matter how hard it is, I find myself doing this very thing wether i want to or not. At this point waiting is something i have no control over. I wait to get tests, I wait for results, I wait for the next step. I wait and I wait and I wait, but with this waiting i am learning patience. I must say that i never thought that i would be a patient person, but i am begining to be that and that in itself (though it hurts learning it) is a blessing. I've asked God many times to help me to learn patience and it now is coming to me. I'm learning to wait on him to hold on to his word. Though i have had much pain and heartache I am thankful. Thankful that i am able to see a blessing in things that were once to painful to think on, i am able to good where i thought there was none, I am able to hope again. and most importantly I am waiting sometimes patiently and sometimes i get a little anxious, but I am waiting, I am waiting better than what i used to, frustration tries at times to set in, but anger is gone, self pity is moving out of the way. I wait with joy, knowing that my blessing and not only my blessing but those that i have prayed for and continue to pray for, their blessings are coming also. so i will continue to "Delight myself in the LORD"

Thank you Lord for being so good. For giving light to dark situations and circumstances.

Sorry for the babbling. My heart and mind are just full this morning. wishing all a Terrific Tuesday.

Loving My Angels


waiting41infla said...

I totally agree with your post today..maybe that is why I named my blog whilewerewaitinginfla. It is all w we do is wait, wait and wait.

I too notice that I go through phases where I seem to wait with more patience then other times. Like right now I am waiting for dr appt on Friday to discuss surgery results. Wait and more waiting...but just remember "your blessing(s) is on its way." Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

DeniFay said...

My sweet Shandrea! What a beautiful post, so honest, and so true, and so full of God's goodness! Thank you for being you and sharing your heart with us! Love you!

Andrea said...

The waiting and the awful wondering of "why me" are such difficult emotions to process. I'm not sure I have fully processed either one, I just continue to pray for wisdom and know that HE will show me the way. Perhaps he already is...I just need to be a dutiful servant, a more patient servant ;)

Love you and I pray for you always sweet one.

Much Love

Andrea said...

PS I'll be right there with you on Friday :) Holding your hand from afar, but with you in Spirit.


Lori said...


Andrea said...

Many warm hugs. XOXO

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