Monday, August 2, 2010

On a Note

Well let's see i guess i will start off with the sucky part first so............
On a bad note I feel as if A/F is about to make her debut. So I'm somwhat dreading it. Ready to cry and she hasn't even come yet, but hey this is my new norm. so now moving on.

On a good note. well i actually have two but this is the first

well about two years ago my hubby bought me a puppy. She is a puggle (pug/beagle mix) well a few months after we got her I let her out in the back yard and i believe i left to go to the store or somewhere. Well anyway when i got back she was gone. My mom said that she thought the men who were cutting my grass had taken her. But we were never really sure but I figured she had been taken because whenever she did get out she knew her way back home or one of our neighbors always brought her back. Well last week sometime and animal shelter called me and asked me if we were missing a dog. All i could do was laugh because i knew she was talking about emma and of course i was right. After almost two years my dog has been found. She was had been at a shelter for a couple of weeks and they decided to scan her for a micro chip (thank goodness we had one put in her) and they found me. So someone had to have taken her because she was all the way in pearland which is about an hour from me and i know she couldn't have made it all the way there by herself. My husband said this is just what i needed that having her back would be good for me. So today i went and picked her up, stopped by petsmart to buy her things all over again. It was a bittersweet moment. I am happy to have her back but i don't think she really remembers me. But again thank God for blessings.

Welcome Home Emma

On my next good note. I have decided to move forward with testing. I am going to call my doctors office tomorrow and see about scheduling my HSG and then on with whatever testing he has for me after that. I figured I could start with testing (maybe even get a second opinion) and get a definate plan after that. Today has been a good day for me a rare dare i even say happy day. So i'm gonna take it and hold on to it. God is good........................
Loving My Angels


Lori said...

You MAY dare to say it!!! Beauty can rise!!

WELCOME HOME EMMA!!! That's an amazing story and I'm so glad she's home!!!

I am glad to know about the testing and I'm ALL about 2nd opinions!!! They never hurt and can give you some peace of mind...loving you!!

Tabitha said...

How awesome that Emma is home! Such a cool storing! I'm also happy that you have decided what to do to move forward. Please know that I am praying for you and thinking of you every step of the way!

Andrea said...

So happy about Emma! What a thing to happen to lift your spirits. :)

I'll be thinking of you as you start with the testing. I'm hoping for the best for such an amazing woman!!

Warm hugs :)

Andrea said...

Oh honey!

I am crying a river of tears. This little dose of happiness is wonderful and has arrived at the perfect time. It's amazing that Emma is home, safe and sound after 2 years :) SO INCREDIBLY SWEET. I'm thanking God right now for sending her home to you.

As for the testing, I am so happy that you are going forward. Now, you can collect your information and take your time to decide what you want to do next. And, as you say, you have some time to persue a second opinion. Let me know if you need anything, and I'm here for matter what.

Sending you love and lifting you up,

waiting41infla said...

God sure does work in mysterious ways....emma maybe just what you need. I am also glad you decided to do the testing. I too had a HSG and it is not a bad procedure and the dr actually found out I had fibroids in my uterus and we had a surgery to remove them. It is a positive step and part of the plan. Go for it when your ready..and I am here if your have questions.

On a side note, thanks for your kind post and prayers. You must have his ear because they moved he surgery up to August 20th. Thanks again. All my prayers and good wishes to you.

klarsen said...

That's amazing! 2 years later! Praying for your journey xoxo

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