Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Those Days

I hate the gloomy days. I hate the days i feel like pooh. I hate those days that one moment i'm fine and in the very next breath i'm crying. I hate the days all i see are the negatives in my life. I hate the days that i get upset at thinking of how others are blessed with what i long for. I hate the days I feel like giving up.

But i also love them

I love them because in those days God gives me a word from him. I love them because he sends others my way with encouragement and love. I love those days b/c he sends me texts through a friend. I love those days because he sends me an open ear. I love those days b/c he loves me enough to send me comfort, to give me wisdom , to help me see the good though it's hard. He puts a song in my spirit. He gives me strength to keep moving no matter how small the step. He reminds me that with him I can make it. That i am not alone and it's not by my own power but by his saving grace that i make it through each day. He is awesome, he is wonderful, he is God.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me

Loving My Angels


Lori said...

You are not alone and all of God's people are lifting you up!!!!!

klarsen said...

You are never alone xoxo Love you

Trisha said...

you are so strong...although I know most days we don't feel that way. your faith is an inspiration

Stephanie said...

Hoping you keep feeling God's hugs!

Holly said...

I know I love it when God shows me in some way that I am loved.

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