Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spare Me;o/

Geesh! Sometimes i wonder are some people ( well when i say people at this moment i mean on person in particular) just slow in thinking or are they just really uncaring.
case and point
Today i posted something on my fb status about frustrations well later this evening i get a call from SIL#2 ( i have like 7 SIL's so i have to number them, and i've posted about this same one before so i guess i shouldn't be surprised about what happened) asking me if someone had done something to me. I told her no and that I was just frustrated with life for a moment. Well we got to talking about other things and she was telling me about her going to miami and in the conversation I was asking what if different things happened and she wasn't able to go. Well her response is "rain sleet or snow" "even if i'm pregnant" " N (her bf) said what if you're pregnant". I mean really! like i needed that part of the convo. But again I guess i shouldn't be suprised I've had to come here and vent about her before after I lost xavien. But I just don't get it. She's hinted around about thinking she's pg before but i chose to ignore it and i ignored it this time and steered the convo somewhere else and then got off the phone. But i guess that's just an example of the world thinking I should've moved on by now or the enemy rearing his ugly head and doing something to get on my nerves.

Either way ! I don't need either and they can just spare me with their crap!

I'm putting all my cares on the one above!

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Loving My Angels


Brie said...

hugs (=

Anonymous said...

So sorry you had to hear that! (((hugs)))

Andrea said...

Grrr...so thoughtless! Some people it's all about themselves... Been thinking of you! :)

Lisette said...

Uuugghh sorry, big ((HUGS)) to you.

Andrea said...


I feel you on this one...my SIL made sure she dropped pleanty of hints that she was prego, despite the fact my Brother had said he wanted to wait to tell me, as he knew it would hurt me. I felt as if my SIL has an alterior motive, maybe not, but that sure is how a BLM thinks. It's SAD, so sad.

Sorry she hurt you. Chalk it up to ignorance and the fact that people are so self absorbed. We love you and I pray that "she" does not ruin your tomorrow. It's okay if she dampened your day, but let the SUN SHINE tomorrow!

Love you

DeniFay said...

Blah! I wish we could stop these comments. I wish we could stop a lot of things, but really what difference would it make. These people have no clue how we feel and don't really make an effort to know. That's why we have one another, we share our joys and concerns, know that others here understand and continue to see the sun through the clouds! Love you, Grace!!

Lori said...

It's really, REALLY hard to try and bite tongues and just not engage sometimes. Especially when it's family that you feel like OUGHT to know better/do better/feel better. Honestly, I'd like to think that there really isn't any intention behind the hurtful comments, but for Pete's sake, it'd be nice if people PURPOSELY tried NOT to hurt our feelings too!!! It seems like we are always the ones who have to extend the grace and understanding and it's not fairly rationed toward us!!

Thinking of and sending you love!
PS==love the blog!!!!

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