Friday, December 30, 2011

A short ramble ;O)

It's been a few days so I figured I pop in. The past few days have been a lot better compared to how I was feeling monday. I still find myself a bit weepy at the smallest things whether it's happy or sad, but I guess that is all just hormones. Thank you Nan for allowing me to unload on you as it was a big big help also.

Today I am 21 weeks 4 days! Can you say GLORY to God! I am just so thankful to be at this point and so very excited about hitting 22 on Monday. Baby boy is growing and I've got the belly to prove it. But I probably won't post pics until tomorrow or monday. I can't believe how fast these weeks have gone by. At first I felt like they were dragging but now sitting and thinking about it and looking at my belly and his u/s pictures, it's just amazing. I'm feeling his kicks now and I just love it. when I tell others (IRL) that I can feel him they tell me " wait until he really starts poking and kicking, it's not gonna be so fun anymore" But I'm not sure I agree with that. I'm at a point in this pregnancy that I've never gotten to, I'm at a point that I've longed to be at, I've anticipated these flutters and kicks since I found out I was pg. So yes it may get a little uncomfortable as he gets stronger, but I will cherish every single movement I get from him. Especially on those days I need to know that he's okay. Which I must say he's gotten pretty good at. I'm just truly amazed and in love. So very thankful for this little miricle .

And though I'm so very happy for me, please know that I think of you still on this road of trying or adopting or IVF or what ever avenue that is being taken for your miricle and I pray that God strengthens , encourages and comforts you through this journey.


Andrea said...


As for those that tell you "wait until he starts poking and prodding"....well, I loved every poke and prod, as it was my boy saying "mama, I'm in here and I'm just waiting for you" Seriously, I soaked up every jab and kick to the ribs and bladder, LOL

Much love to you sweet friend and all the best as you move forward


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glory to God! I am so happy for you.
Happy New Year!

Ann said...

All of my pokes and jabs are reassurance that my baby girl is healthy enough to move around. I cherish every second of it! I am so very happy for you! Enjoy every second of this pregnancy. You and your baby boy have come so very far:)

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