Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Awesome Thursday!

Today has started off and continued to be a wonderful day. And it's not even that many things have happened through out today. I had a great appointment with my MFM and I'm still reeling (sp?) with joy over that.

It started with the Tech taking a lot of pics of my precious baby boy, and giving them all to me on a cd ! (Score one for me!) After that came the internal u/s (oh the joy ;O% ) to look at my cervix. after that she sent in her report and once she left in came................. a doctor I didn't know and once he got to talking I didn't like very much. He came in looked at my pics and asked why was I here. I told him b/c I'm a high risk pregnancy. He then looked at the pics the tech took again and then asked me "why are you high risk" so I gave him the quick version of my story and after that he had the nerve to ask me "if this doesn't work, then what are we supposed to do" I looked at him and almost wanted to cuss him (and I don't even curse) I told him I don't know you're the doctor you tell me. Just as I was about to ask him where the heck is doctor S he said something that calmed me down. He said " Well looking at these pictures you have the most normal cervix I have ever seen, it's long and closed"......... And as I thought to go off on him, I realized what he said and just smiled and thought to myself thank God. And to make things better as he was walking out Dr. S was walking in. She explained to me that he is the head of their department and she didn't even know he was in here. She also made my day even better by telling me that My cervix looks great. Yes great , not good not well not okay but great! She also said it is long and closed and that she will see me in two weeks! This has just made my day!

I am so happy and so joyous and so thankful that God has allowed thing to go so well.

Here I am 18wks3 days, the point and time that things went down hill for me with Camron, Xavien and Tristen. But here we are EIGHTEEN WEEKS THREE DAYS and things are lovely. I've been good handling this week. I notice that I found myself running to the bathroom at every sensation I felt hoping and praying that I didn't see anything bad. And I haven't. I have been and continue to be so hopeful with this pregnancy. I am just so in love already and I don't even know when that happened. I thought that I was guarding my heart somewhat but today I realized that I am totally amazed by , in awe of and totally in love with this baby. I have so many hopes and dreams and wants for him and I love it. I'd like to say that I've thrown caution to the wind but I cannot say that because again I have my moments. But as of now in this moment I am over the moon with joy.

And it makes it even better because hubby has come around to talking about names. And this in and of itself is a big deal. There was a point he felt that even thinking about names would jinx this blessing, but here we are not only talking about names but as of today have really narrowed down on our choices.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful blessing :

Today is just wonderful and I look forward to many more to come! You can't tell me that the God I serve is not an awesome God!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What wonderful news. I am so happy for you and Robert. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
Keep bringing us these awesome reports!

Andrea said...

What a jerk! If you give me his name I'll drop him a courtesy note ;) The audacity of some people! Why did he choose his profession! My blood is boiling!

So happy all is well and that Dr. S. offered comfort. And our little man looks perfect in every way :) You're right, our god is an awesome god!

Rub sweet boy for me

Brie said...

So happy for you! I too was asked why I was considered hi-risk by my mfm at first, and took offense, until I realized that he was saying it because there was no signs of complications this time around. It's amazing to be considered "normal" after all we have been through, yet I am thankful for my ob who treats my emotional health , which is quite possibly scarred beyond complete repair following our losses, as a priority. It looks as though dr. S is that doc for you.

My continued prayers for another 22 weeks of good, normal news!

Nan & Mike said...

I am so proud of how you handled the situation at the docs office ...when docs you have never met dont read your chart before they come in I think its completely unacceptable... I would have not been as rational (as proven in previous posts!)...kudos to you :) we celebrate this little miracle with you day by day...he is beautiful !!! Love to u xxx

brigette said...

I just came across your blog what an amazing strong lady you are!! I am so sorry for your losses. We lost our little boy Kael when he was 5 months old and it is so hard. What a fighter you must be with 3 and still being so positive! Congrats on your new little one. I will keep you and the sweet bundle of joy in my prayers!! Hugs mama

rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures, so happy for you!!!

Ann said...

What a perfect little boy! I love that all you needed to hear was "long and closed"! It didn't matter what anyone else had done or made everything right! Praying you to the finish line!

Deni said...

Just love that it all turned out good with good news--no GREAT news! Loving that precious boy already and so happy that the days continue to tick by with all great reports!!!!

Kara said...

Yay!! So glad you have gotten such a great report!! Praise the Lord!! What a cutie already!

Holly said...

I am so happy your cervix is looking wonderful! Yippppeee!

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