Thursday, February 25, 2010

The View

Today i watched the view, which i don't watch to often since i m/c because both times elizabeth was pg so i quit watching and now i just catch it every now and again, but today i am glad i did. They talked about trying to concieve and a few reasons and why's that it is sometimes hard to. All in all i thought it was a pretty good show today, it just sucks that are so many things concerning this issue that it wasn't enough time to really talk about everything. I wish they could have had like a 2hr special today (lol) but what they did cover , i thought they did a good job. If i wasn't on this journey it all would have probably been amazing and new to me, but of course the things they shared weren't , but that's okay. I'm just glad they shed some light on infertility. i liked that Barbara Walters shared the fact that she went through 3m/c and that her goes out to women who have gone through it, she also seemed very compassionate to the guests that were on and eventhough i wasn't there i was very appreciative of her affection ( not sure if that's the word i wanted to use, but cant think of the right word right now). I like how they addressed the issue of how looking at stars having babies in their 40's give us the illusion that getting pg is easy and if they can do it at 40+ then we don't have to rush, when a lot of times these stars are having IVF and we don't know it.(not exactly how they said it but i'm paraphrasing and writting what i got from it) . However......I know that people deal with things in different ways but, i didn't care for the so called humor that Joy Bahar, tried to pin on to it. I think sometimes she makes so called jokes at the wrong moment ( it sucks i can't remember what she said right now, but i know it made me kinda angry ) But all in all i thought it was a nice show and i wished they had more time.Oh and i liked the fact that Sherri Shepard talked about IVF and how expensive it is and that it sucks that not a lot of insurance cover it. again good show


Andrea said...

Joy needs a filter!

Yes, IVF is very costly and our insurance does not cover it :( Also, I feel like the "outsiders" think it is an easy cure, but its not, its stressful and exhausting. Yet, it's amazing! I would urge anyone who is not familiar with the process to read up on it, as I did in order to better support a friend who was doing treatment. The more we know, the better equipped we are to be advocates for ourselves.

I'm glad this show shed some light on the subject of loss and infertility, as it is such a part of the fabric of our lives. Thanks for sharing with us :)

Hugs and Much Love,

Andrea said...

More love sweet girl..have a good week :) I'm praying for you.


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