Monday, February 8, 2010

Thank God for Angels

This past week i had been on a bit of a slump, not a total plunge as we know can certainly happen on this roller coaster we are on, but just a slight dip i guess you could say. Indescribebable days, down moments and even a few cries here and there. Church didn't even pick me as much as it usually does. But! God is still good. This morning when i finally drug myself out of bed, i came across meridiths blog at Forever Changed and it instantly picked up my mood, she quoted a passage from her devotional that i had came across a few days before, not only that , she also spoke on change and things turning around for our better and that is what my pastor spoke on sunday. If i didn't hear you sunday i definately heard you today lord. Then on my way home from doing a little grocery shopping i stopped and checked my mail finally( i'm always a little slow in checking my mail) and got the best surprise of all from my wonderful kind, loving, thoughtful and sweet kindred spirits Nan over at The Reiber's - Remembering Our Triplet Angels ver at and Andrea over at Life, Love & Persuit of our Fairytale... . A beautiful heart necklace with camron and xavien's names on it and a wonderful card letting me know that i'm not alone and that they are thinking of me. It brought tears to my eyes. I am thankful for my deni Making Our Troxclair Family who is so kind and brave to share with us not only her journey of loss but her journey of adopting as well ( which just brings a smile to my face everytime i read a post) and always puts beautifully into words the feelings that i cant. I am still amazed at how people who i've never met in person can be so loving and thoughtful, i am still amazed at how i can love those people so much. But! I am saying thank God for the angels here on earth that he has placed in my life for me to share and talk with and be . People whom with i can learn about and be this new me that this journey has made us all, and i am not just thankful for them, but i a thankful for you all, i am thankful for our children who i am sure are playing togeather in heaven and looking down on us and smiling at this bond their moms have built. Even though it hurts at times, God is still good and i'm thankful.

I am always thinking of you as well

I Love it


The Blue Sparrow said...

Oh wow! That was so nice of all of them! I also read that post and it lifted my spirit as well! *HUGS*

Nan & Mike said...

We thank God for you also sweet girl. I am elated you love your little gift. It will be close to your heart, along with your angels. Love, Nan xo

DeniFay said...

Thank you sweet Grace! I'm so blessed to know you!! Don't you love when God tries to send you a message & you don't fully grasp it the first time, so He presents it again in a way that will reach you?!? He is good, so good! Thanks for supporting me on this journey, I couldn't do it without my friends that understand the journey! Just remember that whenyou get down, there's no where to go but up!! Love and hugs to you honey!!

Andrea said...


If it wern't for our angels we would never know eachother and would never have forged this bond. This is an ah, ha moment, for without "them", there would be no "us", no fabulous 5 some :)

So happy that you received your little "happy" Just a small token to let you know how much we love you and to honor Camron and Xavien. It is a bit odd to have such love for those we've never met, but we've all been such a part of eachothers journeys. We've shared fears, grief and many tears, but we've NEVER FAILED to hold eachoter up or be there in times of need.

Here's to the FAB 5 seeing our DREAMS come true :) You, me, Deni, Angie and Nan. And, to welcoming the grasshopper and Cala Fay into the world while "loving our Angels"

Hugs and Much love my Kindred Spirit

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