Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend

Yes I know the weekend is over but i had a good time and I wanted to post about something happy. So here it is. My mom , sis and niece came down this weekend. We didn't do much but it was just fun being together. I don't even really have much to post but just wanted to share some of my fam with the blogosphere. lol

This is my niece Alixxiya (yes her mom just had to be different with spelling her name. LOL) This is the lil pumkin i wrote about in this post , which was one of the most bitter sweet days of my life. but I love her to death and it's crazy how she gives me so much joy.

This is my sister ( yes we are goof balls when we get together), (alixxiya's mom). I love her so much. She and I spent the weekend playing games on my xbox Kinect. (yes i play video games. lol, but playing with the kinect is like fun and exercise all rolled into one, we were seriously sore the next day.)

and this is my mom. I love her so much and was soooooooooo happy to see her this weekend. (posing in the parking lot after church)

And this is the three of us in the parking lot clowining after church. My mom is just as silly as we are sometimes.

Again it was a wonderful weekend.

Loving My Angels


Kara said...

Shandrea - it's great to see you with such a lovely smile! You are a beautiful bunch of ladies there!

AHB said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!!

Angie H said...

what a great weekend !
Love from your family is beautiful and makes you relax and " recharge your batteries "
You seem to have had a lot of fun : )

Deni said...

Love the pictures! You look smoking hot btw! And that niece is tooo stinking cute, no wonder you love her so!

mrsnice777 said...

((hugz)) Yeah for happy pics!


Andrea said...

Hello Sister!

First, I have to say that you are ROCKING that body of yours! You look amazing!!!! Way to go honey, as I know you've worked for it.

You are so sweet to share your family and I'm so happy you had girl time...it really is the best!

Have a good rest of the week and stay warm!

Annie said...

So glad you had a happy, fun weekend with the girls! And as some other commenters already said, you look fabulous!

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