Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A friend in need

Hello my bloggy friends,
tonight i come to you asking for prayers for my hubby's co-worker and friend L and his wife E. She is in the hospital and is very ill. I am going to post part of the email that he recieved explaining her condition. Of course the whole names have been taken out and some of the email has, but i just wanted to give an idea of what they are going through.

"they diagnosed her as having
Sarcoid Lung Disease with the pneumonia on top of it. Anyway, in less than
48 hours E was treated with proper medications, life support tubes
removed, and able to talk a little. She had lost over 50% mobility in her
left arm and can not stand at all and throat extremely sore, arms totally
bruised from top to bottom. Dr have put her into in-patience rehabilitation
until she can learn to walk again and use of arms return to normal, or as
close to normal as can be. This has been quite an ordeal, but not out of
the woods yet - still on oxygen, taking multiple meds, and trying to learn
to walk again. actual extent of therapy is unknown as her oxygen levels drop quickly when
she tries to move, so can not give any return date at this time - possible
7-10 days will have a better idea. Right now she can not get out of bed on
her own and both hands very shakey. I have been sleeping at the hosp with
E as this is all very scary to her (and me)."

They were there for hubby and I when we lost each of our babies and I just want to be there for them. I know that I have some prayer warriors out there so if you would just please lift them up in prayer. Thank you all so very much.


Annie said...

Very scary! Will add them to my prayers.

Deni said...

That's terrible! Definitely lifting them up! So glad they already have her in rehab, the quicker she gets there the better her outcomes will be. Bless her heart and her husband's that is so much to absorb in such a short time! Praying praying praying!

Michele said...


Amanda said...


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I will definately keep them in my prayers.

Andrea said...

Oh Shan,

This is such a terrible disease. Nicholas uncle battled it for years and there are many ups and downs. However, we are going to pray, as he is the ultimate healer.


Marie W said...


Angie H said...

Oh you are such a wonderful friend !
I will pray for her and hope she will recover soon .She has a hard job to do but she is young and I believe in a good future for her .

waiting41infla said...

Praying...and I am sorry it is a little late as I have been a bad blog reader but praying always. This time for your friend and you always!! Many hugs and prayers to you.

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