Monday, January 24, 2011

A Dream

Today (yes today, I'd decided to take a nap rather than finish cleaning my house) I had a dream that I was 17wks pg. My doctor told me everything looked good and that i can come back next week to make sure everything was still fine. I remember her wanting me to come like a Wednesday but i wanted to come on a Monday because coming on wed would put me at 18wks 3 days and i could not risk coming in too late and something happening,so she did me one better and told me i could come in on Saturday (I know awesome dream right) from there i somehow ended up at home on the phone with Andrea (yes you my fab friend) and wanting to tell her the news but for some reason i couldn't get the words out ( and we know that wouldn't happen, lol). She was in Africa with hubby (i don't know why lol, but hey it's a dream ) and she was upset with him because he didn't want to go out on any safari's or do any of the things she wanted, so i was trying to give her advice on getting him to understand her side of things and from there trying to convince her that if he didn't listen she should come back to the states and hang out with me (lol). I can't remember what happened after that . But i remember wishing that the dream was real, well the being pg part. And though i know AF has come and gone because of this dream i have the urge to .............................POAS! (sounds crazy i know)

I've also been awarded by to lovely ladies and Once i get to my big computer i will post that. but I just wanted to thank Trena and AHB for thinking of me ;O)

Loving My Angels


cgd said...

Ugh, I hate dreams like that when you wake up and realize that you are not really pregnant. Thinking of you my friend. You are not crazy, but this entire experience makes all want to do (and sometimes actually do) crazy things.

Tabitha said...

What a beautiful, crazy dream! Maybe it is telling of things to come!

AHB said...

I love your dream! Maybe it is a sign of good things to come for you! Praying hard for that!


Deni said...

I'm praying that was just a premonition of things to come!! Thought I doubt Andrea is going to be in Africa any time soon! :)

Love you sweet friend!

Andrea said...

Hello Sweetest Friend,

Several things ring true in that beautiful dream...the greatest being in that you WILL become pregnant. Also, I firmly believe Dr. S will be there for you and she will attend your needs. And you will be successful! I BELIEVE!

And I LOVE that I was in Africa! I promise that country hosts the most beautiful people and stories that warm my heart. I also LOVE that we talked in your dream and that I called you to vent about things :) But, most of all I love this dream, as there is such positivity in your future and never doubt that.

I love you sweet friend and I'm praying for more sweet dreams to come. Sprinkled with Baby Dust of course :) April is going to be here before you know it and then its your time!

xxxx and I'm always here for you...even if I'm in Africa!

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