Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Yours Wednesday

When i was little McDonald's used to be my favorite fastfood place to eat. Nuggets and fries were my favorite, but when i got older ( probably like highschool) I fell in love with another place. Chic-fil-a! Yes it is absolutley my favorite fast food place to grab a bite. I remember when hubby and i were in the process of buying our house I had to go to the bank and have statements printed off and the banker was like "you really like chic-fil-a " . I ablsolutely love them. It's the only place that no matter what city i am in they are always quick, kind and courteous (except for on place, but that one is no longer open) . And i also respect the fact that they are closed on sundays and that no matter how many people are there the service is always quick! Not to mention their waffle fries are awesome. I could probably go on and on about them but i'm going to keep this post short. So now you know my favorite fastfood place, What's Yours?

Loving my Angels


Marie W said...

Wendy's Yum!

mrsnice777 said...

Chick-fil-a is ours too!! Beth calls it "the cow place" ;-)


Andrea said...

I gotta say I'm a cross mix between Chic-fil-a and Wendys.


I'm a total McDonalds Bacon, Egg & Chees McGriddle and Fry Girl!

Love to you my sweetest friend. Have a great weekend.

Lifting you always,

Karen said...

Chick-Fil-A all the way. We eat there a lot of I get their sweet tea. I am hungry for a chicken breakfast burrito.=)

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