Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Had this been 2009 this post would have had a much different title which would have read something like
"So Long 2009" or "Sayonara 2009"
But it is not. I am saying Goodbye to 2010, which is such a profoundly similar yet different year than 2009. Last year was a year of a little bit of hope but then new found heartbreak. My soul was shattered not once but twice. For a moment i thought I'd lost myself. But i said goodbye to that year with the hope of a much better time in 2010. And at first it started off better, i had a renewed since of hope, i was blessed once again to carry a beautiful little boy who we named Tristen. But yet a familiar thing happened, he wasn't meant to stay long. Again I was shattered, torn and heartbroken, but it wasn't the same as the last 2 times. Yes it hurt, no i didn't understand any of it, but! in all my despair and anguish buried deep down underneath it all, I still had hope. I may not have been sure whether i was coming of going for a moment but i still had hope. I've even gotten to know God on a deep level than I had before. I still have my faith and i still hold strong to hope. Yes 2010 was bittersweet, but i am thankful for the lessons that i have learned. I am confident in knowing that God has prepared me for greater in 2011. And yes I still may falter at times, But! I can say that i will trust in Him. I pray that 2011 holds many great things for all of my kindred spirits. and though we enter a new year i will

Forever Love My Angels
Wishing you all a beautiful peaceful New Year!


Antoinette said...

Praying 2011 is great for us all you and your family xoxo

Lori said...

Sending you so much love, sweet Shandrea!!! xoxoxoxoxo

mrsnice777 said...


rebecca said...

Sending so much love and hope your way for the New Year. I hope it holds so much happiness and joy for you my friend ((hugs))

Angie H said...

Oh ,Shandrea !

I nearly cry when I read your post !
You faith is so strong and your hope is so alive .
You always inspire me .
I wish you a 2011 ,well a whole decade ,without any heartbreak whatsoever .
I hope there will be many good things to experience and much happiness and joy .
Sending you big hugs

Annie said...

Hoping 2011 is a year of great joy for both of us!

Andrea said...

May all his wonderful Blessings be yours in this beautiful NEW YEAR. I'm blessed to call you my friend and sister of the heart.

Much Love, HOPE, FAITH and PROSPERITY in 2011!

Jennifer Ross said...

So beautifully written Shandrea. It was full of so much hope, a hope that we should all hold onto a little more often.

DeniFay said...

Amen honey!! Goodbye 2010, but God thank you for the lessons we learned and the friends we had to hold our hands, tie our ropes, & make us laugh!! Love you so much and am praying great things for all of us in 2011!!!

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