Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Anyone remember the game whammy where theres a board switching different pic and you have to try and stop it on the money or prize and not get a whammy, which is the red lil thing that takes your money and like drops feathers or something wierd on you.
Well i feel like that today, at least at this moment. I've been hit with a whammy. A friend that i hadn't talked to in a while called me today and the convo went a little something like this
Me: hello
her: may i speak to shandrea
Me: this is she
her: hey how are you, are you still pg
Me: I'm okay , makin it, and no we lost her
her: oh....i'm sorry to hear that......
A little idle covo in between of are you working ,i'm in school and then
Her: well i'm pg, i just found out last week , it's been a long week. My moms excited but i'm not, i didn't want anymore,, i guess b/c i'm not done partying, not that i was out a lot before but that was because i didn't want to be, now i have to stay in, maybe when i get to like5 months i'll be excited and start buying stuff......
yeah after that i was just pretty much going through the motions of ......oh yeah, okay , yeah i know right , uh huh.
I mean seriously i feel like i hit a whammy and landed on the everybodies got a bun except you whammy. Surprisingly i didn't break down in tears . It was more like me thinking "wow , seriously, another one" " great!" .
I know they say when life hands you lemons you should make lemonade, but what about when you're handed a bunch of sour grapes.................
what a day!


DeniFay said...

Make wine honey, make wine!! That's what the grapes are for, and you can make it by stomping them!

I'm so sorry! I had a pg announcement today too, though it's one I'm happy for as she's a babylost mommy with no children too, but it's still hard not to think...When will it be me? Will it ever be me?

Sorry this happened to you, why would someone say all of that to you, after you said you lost her? How thoughtless and insensitive!! You're a better woman than me, I'm afraid today I would've hung up in her face! Or given her an ear full!

Sending you love and peace sweet Grace!!!

The Blue Sparrow said...

Oh geeze, Im sorry. That was pretty insenstive of her to say those things to you. I've had this happen to me too. It sucks.

Marie W said...

Very insensitive and I would not consider her a friend, more like a distant associate. If she were a real friend she would be more considerate and compassionate after hearing the news.

Pregnancy announcements are all around me too. Now I just look the other way. Thinking of you.

Andrea said...

When Life Hands you Lemons...throw them at this girl! Notice, I did not say "friend", as if she were your friend she would know that sweet Xavien were in heaven.

Casual rudeness...not acceptable, at all.

Sweetie, pregnancy announcements are so hurtful, even if you are genuinely happy for someone. But, when they complain and are not grateful for Life's Greatest Blessing, a Miracle, I dismiss them. She is a fair weather friend...

I'm sorry she made your heart hurt, as I know it did. Knowing you, you were graceful, kind and supportive...cause that is who you are.

Prayers to soothe your heart coming your way.

Brie said...

that conversation would have left me with my mouth agape..you handled it much better than I would have. I don't know if I would have been able to respond..Big thumbs up to you for staying strong.

Lisa Brown said...

Ugh. People totally are idiots sometimes, sorry, but really.

Andrea said...

Goodness, some people just don't get it, don't stop thinking about themselves. I hope that she can come to appreciate the blessing she has growing in her. You handled it great, hugs to you!

I am just starting to get more of those awkward moments and I still don't feel comfortable with them.

Thinking of you... :) XOXO

Lori said...

I'm of the MAKE (and have a glass) wine mentality too!!!

But honestly, though in our hearts we feel that insensitive person really deserved to hear a mouthful, I'm impressed with your grace and composure. The high road is hard, especially when our hearts hurt.

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