Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Moment

At this moment i am okay. I can even go on to say that i feel good, not great but good and that is enough for me. At this moment i am (dare i even say it)........... Happy. I have a peace in my heart. I can think about my babies and welcome the feelings of how much i love them and miss them with a smile. Right now at this moment it is easy for me to think of all the good they have brought me though they were only here for a moment. I can be thankful for my time with them with a smile upon my face. At this moment i know that God is up to something and that great things are to come out of it. I am even okay about not knowing how soon these things will happen. Right now i am just enjoying this moment, do i hope that it lasts all day, or even a whole week, of course, but because i know how quickly things can change i'm going to take the time to enjoy this moment and if it becomes more than a moment then i will welcome it with open arms. But right now i'm just going to enjoy this moment.
Though i held you in my arms for a moment. I'll hold you in my heart forever.
Loving my Angels


Lori said...

Doing a Beth Moore study and yesterday she was talking about the Lord's there's a REASON we pray to God for our DAILY bread--because we just have to focus on and ask for what we need to get through THAT DAY...and we can't even be worried about anything else.

Totally hit home. Just being able to revel in those moments, whenever they come, however long they last. And realizing that God knows we can only take one day at a time!

Andrea said...

Precious friend,

Just live in this very moment :) Feel it and embrace it for as long as it lasts, which I pray is a long time.

Love to you,
Your sister of the heart xoxo

Andrea said...

I love what you wrote. Though I held you in my arms for a moment, I'll hold you in my heart forever. I feel the same way :) I'm glad that you had this happiness today! XOXO

The Blue Sparrow said...

I'm so happy you're having a good day! I hope this peace lasts days and days for you friend! *HUGS*

Angie H said...

Hi Shandrea!

Love your description of a peaceful moment ! Thank you for sharing how you feel.
Oh how I wish it will last !
I feel like that sometimes too but its so much up and down , sometimes for no special reason.
Hope you will have a peaceful weekend - love Angie H

Nan & Mike said...

Loving our angels together :) Hugs and love, Nan

DeniFay said...

Sending you love and letting you know you have an award on my page!! Thanks for being our Sunshine!

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