Sunday, March 21, 2010

Praise Him about it!

This evening was the close out of our churches 10yr anniversary and the guest pastor said something that really touched my heart.

He said "You've prayed about , now it's time to praise him about it"
Of all the things he said , this stuck with me the most. It made me think, how many times have i prayed to god about my sitiuation, (of course many many many times), and not to say that because i wasn't paising him is why i wasn't getting the results i was looking for, but sometimes our praises will get the ball moving a little faster than what it might have been.
And yes when i'm at church and even home, i have praised God, but we all know that when you are down and your heart is heavy, it is so very hard to give him that praise , that shout or that Amen that you give when everything is wonderful.
It just made me much quicker would God move if i praise or even just attempt to praise at my worst. How much quicker would i feel at peace in my moment of despair. I am in no way saying that my hearing from God is dependant or solely dependant on my praise, but i can just imagine the things in store for me even if it's just another happy moment, even if it's just strength in order to give God his praise.
Friday night at our first service for the anniversary celebration, there was a pg woman there. Talk about life throwing you a curve ball or, as my kindred Andrea H says "lifes emotional triggers". I thought i was doing okay with an angelversary and EDD coming up in April, but of course life has a way of showing you where you are sometimes. Looking at this lady all i could think is "that's how your belly should look right now, you should be counting down the days until you're holding your daughter in your arms". And it really caught me by surprise. I was in the middle of singing along with the praise and worship team and i litterally lost my voice. It took everything i had in me not to cry, but of course the tears won out .
Even then without even knowing why , i was kinda mad at myself for not continuing to sing. And i know that i shouldn't have been, but when those words came across this evening, i thought to myself "what if i would have kept praising him" Even with that what if i still have faith and i still believe that God will , no God is answering my prayers.
Forever Loving My Angels


DeniFay said...

Sweet Grace, you're right we must remember to "Praise You in This Storm"!! Sometimes it's so hard, but He knows our broken hearts & knows we will love & praise him anyway! Amen!!

It must have been one of those days, I saw like a million pg women at Target and two sets of boy twins (my dream!). But today was different as I smiled at seeing them, feeling hopeful! I'm praying your HOPE continues beautiful girl. We continue to march towards our dreams & know that God is holding our hands! Love you honey!!!

klarsen said...

Hebrews 13:15 says: “Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise – the fruit of lips that confess His name”.

A sacrifice of praise.

Sometimes it is SO DIFFICULT to praise God. So difficult. But His grace is what brings us through these times. His mercy, His love for us brings us through these times. Even if our praise is a weak "You are wonderful, God", it is a praise and He knows our hearts.

I have been struggling, too, with the big bellied pregnant ladies. I am so sorry any of us has to feel like this. It just hurts.

Lots of love to you. You are an amazing woman and I thank you for sharing this. xxx

Angie H said...

Hi Shandrea !

Your post is amazing .
You faith is so strong , you have came so far .
I needed to think about it for a while as ,spontanousley it is hard for me to praise God now , I still have anger inside for what happened .
I am able to pray for him to help me to keep my faith and to keep strong , but its hard for me to praise him.
I think its a beautiful thing to ba able to praise God even if one experiences diffucult things in life .Im not there yet but I wish I was .Maybe I need some prayers ?
I guess I can praise God for my health , that I get to live and that I get to try again .
Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your strong faith .
I struggle with my faith many times but I do believe in God and want to have a stronger faith.

Love Angie H

Parents of the Princess and Duchess said...

Hi Shandrea -

I've been reading your posts for awhile. Your posts touch my heart always. It is a challenge for me to praise God when i'm so down. The part of your post about getting choked up while singing at church....oh my sweet goodness, how I relate!!! I just recently started singing again in my praise and worship group at church. I missed it so badly for the weeks I was absent, but I simply could not make it through one song without tearing up. I know God understood. He feels our pain, He knows our struggle, and He wants us to be happy more than anyone else. He's on our side. Stay strong and positive, my friend. Our day is coming....
Love and hugs to you!

Andrea said...


Thinking of you and lifting you up as April nears. Know that I will be here to hold your hand and tie your ROPE, any day, any hour and any minute.

As Katy said, his GRACE is sufficient. He hears our cries sweet friend, he does.

Love you so much my kindred spirit,

Karen said...

Praising is a sacrifice and sometimes it is hard, but God does give us the grace.
You are so precious and I love reading your posts.
Thinking of you...

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