Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Small Treasures

Small Treasures with such great meaning

Andrea Thank you for my angels wings.

Thank you Deni for giving me hope

Thank You debbie

Tiny Footprints

Camron's Box and Bear ( xavien's coming soon)


Andrea said...


*tears* You are so loved....

Today, as I was cleaning and organizing in my office I found some little wings that were given to me by Katy, looked at the beautiful crystal heart that you gave to me, read a note that Nan had written me and put away some yummy gourmet tea's from Deni. I felt so loved...then, I added some things to Christian's memory box and stumbled upon his u/s photo. It still hurts, not as bad, as I know he's among angels :) So, in his honor, I've gone about my day with a smile :)

Thank you for sharing these photos...we love you so very much.

Much Love to you my Sister of the Heart

DeniFay said...

Hugs and Love to you sweet girl!!! I wish there were more I could do, but thank you for sharing your happies with us! Knowing Xavien, Camron, Layla, Michael, Christian, Lynne, Megan, and Shelby, and all the other angel babies are playing together does bring some peace!!

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