Thursday, January 14, 2010

9 Months away from my camron

Today marks nine months that my camron has gone on to what i know is a better place. For a long time i thought that with me was the only and the best place that he could be. But i have to come to realize what better place could he be than with god, a place that we all hope to be . Yes i at times i still wish that i was holding him in my arms, but instead of my arms he's in the arms of god and surrounded by angels. So as i sit thinking of the ninemonths that my sweet angel has been gone i thank god for this peace that he has given me to know that camron is fine safe, looking down upon me and patiently waiting until the day that will hold him again. I thank god for the precious moments he allowed me to spend with him and i know that he taking wonderful care of his sister.

Today i will do something that i haven't been able to do. I'm going to open his memory box, i'm going to think on all the wonderful things that camron brought me.

My camron has shown me what the love of a mother is. He has shown me how to love deeper, He has shown me that even though sometimes i felt alone, god has always been there, and for those things i am forever grateful.



Nan & Mike said...

Missing Camron with you honey....thinking of all of our angels together in the starry skies. You are a beautiful person :) Love, Nan xo

DeniFay said...

Sweet Shandrea! I think Michael and Camron are playing rough and tumble boy things in heaven with Christian while the girls watch and roll their eyes!! I know you miss him & we know they are in the best place, but doesn't stop us from wishing they were here!! Love you angel friend!!

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