Friday, January 15, 2010

A Down moment

I'm having a down moment. I miss my babies. I am still thankful for the good they have brought me but i still miss them. My camron would be 4 months today but instead i am counting out the nine months that he has been gone from my arms. I would be 25 wks with xavien but instead i am somewhat solmn when thinking of her april due date coming soon. I miss my babiess..........Lord help me believe


Angie said...

Hi Sweet Shandrea !

Just wanted to say that I think about you and care about you .
So sorry you have a sad day.Angelversary time can be hard.
I have learnt through this journey that the sad days come once in a while , it has become a part of my " new normal" .I thank God that I have found people that care about me and talk to me when´I have my sad days.
Try to hold on to hope .
I think Your sweet little babies in heaven are watching you and sending you love .
And I hope and pray that soon , when your heart and body is ready you will go on to have an earthly little sibling for your angels.
God has strange ways sometimes and our faith is many times put to the test .
Im sending you love and strength from overseas - Love Angie H

The Blue Sparrow said...

I wish I could come through the screen and give you a big hug! But I will have to settle for telling you that Im thinking of you and praying for you! *HUGS*

DeniFay said...

Hello sweet friend! I'm so sorry you're having a down day, but they do come and without any warning! I know you miss them both & I wish we could bring them all back!! I'm praying for you, for that peace and strength to believe! I love you!! Hugs

Jennifer Ross said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for leaving me a special comment for Isaiah. It means so much to me. I pray that God fills you with peace.... helps you believe.


Andrea said...


I have the ultimate FAITH in knowing that you will come to Believe once again. Just as the song says "Lord help me to believe" and I pray he sends you that "sign". It's easy for us to feel as if our FAIT is almost gone, but its not, maybe out of reach for a bit, but never gone.

I urge you to feel these emotions as they come. Embrace the grief in losing your babies and cry when need be, as you have so done so well, but a person can only shoulder so much.

We're gonna help you BELIEVE...the FAB 5 never leaves one of its sisters behind. We're right here with you..believing for you, hoping for you and loving you always :) And, we will always be your soft place to fall.

Much Love my ANGEL friend....I only wish I had your courage and strength.

Andrea said...

Funny, I was just telling my husband something similar last night. Tomorrow it will be one month since Julia was born but instead I was telling him that I should still be pregnant with her at 28 weeks. I feel your hurt too and wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I hope that you found some peaceful thoughts with God and your little ones.

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