Monday, September 5, 2011

I P.O.A.S............


So this morning I P.O.A.S and............. saw the most beautiful two pink lines I'd ever want to see. Heck who am I kidding I didn't care what they looked like as a long as I saw them. But I did. Two pink lines yep! and I am so thankful. I almost slipped back into my worrying ways because one line was lighter than the other, but then I told myself I will continue to trust in God and not let one small detail ruin a happy moment for me. So God I give you the glory and I thank you for this moment!


Wow! I went to my primary care doctor today and guess what! again the best two lines I'd ever want to see. So it's official! I have a baby on board. And you know what else? I actually just want to scream it from the roof tops. I'm not worried (at least so far, ask me that again in about 10wks) , I'm ecstatic, I'm at a loss for words I'm THANKFUL! That God has blessed me, (okay I'm being selfish right there), my husband and I.

On another note but the same note, I had to force myself to stop peeing on sticks. Yesterday (yes i just found out yesterday) I peed on three (sorry I keep using the word pee (oops did it again) ). But today only the one at the docs office.

So next step is finding an OB which my family prac doctor recommended for me already. I already have a MFM so at least something is taken care of ;O)

So needless to say I'm all smiles this way ;O)


Karin said...

I'm definitely tracking a bit behind...CONGRATULATIONS!!! So so happy for you!

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