Friday, September 23, 2011

Appointment #1

So I had my first appointment today with a new ob. I must say I absolutely Love Love Love her! She is so very caring and understanding and informative and listens to me and has a plan for me and just makes me feel confident in her.

The appointment went well I got to see my lil dot. I held my breath for the longest time. I was just so nervous but excited at the same time. But I was so happy to see that all is well and I'm just praying that I can continue to rest in God's peace.

So as of today we are 7wks 1day along.

I have an appointment wednesday with the MFM so hopefully I get to see another pic of my butterbean.

all smiles this way ;O)


Kara said...

SHANDREA!!!!!! - I am SO EXCITED to read these posts!!! Congratulations Momma!!!!! Hoping and praying that this will be your take home baby. Big SMILES on my face for you and tears in my eyes!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So glad that things are going so well. I am so happy for you and Robert. May God continue to bless you and bring this new little one home in your arms for you to raise and love forever. This is my prayer for you.

Annie said...

Oh Shandrea! This is the BEST news I've seen all day. Praying that this will be a perfect, normal pregnancy and you will finally get a take-home baby!

Brie said...

Craziness. I just popped over to your blog cause I hadn't heard from you in a while and ws going to shoot you an email...and what did I find? Some absolutelyfantabulous news! Praying for you and your family...may 2012 be a good year for you!

Dawn said...

Such great news Shandrea! I will be praying you continue to have peace & a healthy pregnancy. We are only about a week apart. Also have an appt on Wed w/Peri. Praying we both get great news & see our little ones. Your strength & trust in God continue to amaze me. God bless & congrats.

Also, thank you for your kind words on my last post.

Ann said...

Shandrea I am so, so, so happy and excited for you! I will continue to lift you and your butterbean up in prayer! I am just soooooooooooooo excited! You've made my day!

Amy said...

Shandrea, your post has made my weekend! I will be praying daily for you and your sweet butterbean and that God will wrap you in overwhelming peace. And yay for finding an OB you really like and feel comfortable with! Hugs!

cgd said...

OMG!!! Shandrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so beyond thrilled for this amazing news. Sending you much love and luck through this journey. I know your babies and watching over you and this new little one.

Jessica said...

So incredibly happy for you :) I'm 10 weeks tomorrow with twins :) <3 Praying for you momma <3 (((hugs)))

mrsnice777 said...

So stinkin happy HAPPY for you!!!!!

Praying for your rainbow!
Love ya girl!

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