Thursday, October 14, 2010


Tonight as I sat and got ready to watch one of my favorite shows "Greys Anatomy" I began to get a little weary b/c the previews showed derek and merideth visiting a doctor to talk about fertility. and i noticed that i i'm weary of this about any shows that have anything to do with fertiltity or babies. But then i as i began to watch, i began to think and wonder how many others are there out there that have a hard time watching this show? Not b/c they are BLM's but because they are dealing with an issue that someone else has. This is a show about a hospital (well the people in it) and until now it didn't hit me that eventhough this is a tv show they are dealing with real issues. Eventhough some situations in the show are far fetched, the reality is that somewhere someone is dealing with some of these issues. Heck i'm sure that some of the storylines are taken from headlines. So I wander how many sit in tears as they watch b/c they or someone they know has the exact same issue as a patient on the show, or turns to another channel when a certain scene comes up or tourture themselves b/c they think they've moved on and are strong enough to watch it again. Or how many can't even watch this or other shows at all. I wonder do other situations affect others in this way? if they affect others in this way?

I remember being so happy when discovery health announce that they were having baby week. That all week long they would be showing nothing but baby show's. I was pg with Tristen at the time and though I still miss Camron and Xavien but i thought "I could get through it b/c it would be something that Tristen and I could share" but a week before it was to start, I lost tristen and again i found myself not being able to watch many of the show's i loved before i even thought about having children.

Oh how i miss birth day, and baby story and bringing home baby, and make room for baby, and i didn't know i was pregnant. Shows that I loved long before loss, shows that i still love but can't watch;o(
But I still have hope that i will some day bring home my own beautiful rainbow, i will hope that i will oneday have the strength to watch them again.

and whada'ya know there was only one scene talking about fertility. hmmmmmmm

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DeniFay said...

I'm very curious to see how they handle this situation as the time goes on. I was infuriated when Derek said at the end "We'll just try and maybe we have a baby and maybe we don't". It's just not that simple for women who have a biological desire to have children. I'm not sure how I'm going to feel about this storyline--we'll see!!!

Andrea said...

I used to LOVE that show baby story and thought it was amazing. After my loss, I could never watch it again and still have no desire.

The new season of Guiliana and Bill is about to start and she has faced infertility and was brave enough to do so on camera. I can not even imagine going through that in public, but am so thankful to her for being so open. She is another face of loss and being a celebrity made no difference, as it does not descriminate.

Love you sweet friend and I'm praying for you always.


Holly said...

I know I'm not as big a fan anymore of those baby shows as I used to be.

waiting41infla said...

I am just checking in on you and I am glad to see you are more up on the TV schedule than me. My DVR is begging me to start watching some of the new shows I recorded. I cannot watch any of those shows anymore that you listed. I dont know if I ever will be able to again.

As always I am praying for you and wishing you some good thoughts and some good results.

Jessica said...

I was worried about watching Grey's also. Private Practice has had some hard episodes for me to watch too. RIGHT after I miscarried my first child Private Practice had an episode where the mother had to deliver the baby far too early and they sang to the baby as it passed away. I was BALLING! I agree though I'm sure there are many other reasons - cancer, brain tumors, etc. - that upset other people too. (((hugs)))

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