Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I thought i'd take from brie's monday post . Though i don't watch all the jersey show's i figured it would still be fun to do so like brie i went here and became a jersey girl for a few minutes

Gorgeous I know right ;o) LoL

I hope it made you laug. it certainly made me laugh ;o) Happy Tuesday all ;O)

Loving My Angels


Brie said...

Yowza, hot diggity dog! We must go to the same stylist (= Totally worth ten minutes of your time, right? Glad you had fun with it too!

Andrea said...

Georgeous like a Jerseylicious version of Beyonce! Fun :)

Great hair!

Love you!

klarsen said...

Hey I'm from Jersey and I don't have hair like that! LOL---you're too cute!

Nan & Mike said...

Poor Katy, Jersey gets a bad rap LOL. But Shandrea sure looks adorable, you've got the cutest nose dimples! :) xxx

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