Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Wow, I have gone from slacking in my blogging to full out neglect. lol I fully intended to at least blog once a week, but hey guess that just didn't happen like I planned. So here I am playing catch up. So I guess we can start with week 29

Wk 29
Was an nice week, minus the guy who rear ended me and fled the scene. Thankfully baby j and I are fine. And thankfully that his car got most of the damage. But that still left me a little angry. Still trying to get over it. I had my one hour glucose test, which I passed ! Thank goodness because that stuff was super nasty and it took everything I had in me to drink it and keep it down. ( though I must say I gagged every other swallow. ) I also had a doc appointment which went great. Dr. V estimated him at weighing 2lbs and 13oz , his fluid level and heart rate were both good. She gave me a c-sec date of April 30 so it won't be too long before I am saying hello to my sweet baby boy. Can you say excited!

Wk 30

Was pretty uneventful. The energy I had in the second trimester has now left the building. I fine myself taking more naps than I did in the first trimester. LoL I find myself laying around a little longer in the mornings. Even though I'm awake way early I usually don't actually get up until and hour after waking.

And here I am now at week 31 ! Yep 31 weeks! And yes like always I am super excited! It's a little well no a lot harder to get up and go potty at night but I've mastered this little rocking move that helps with that. And speaking of going potty I am now back to going about 3 to four times a night. I also think that I've been getting braxton hicks at night but not sure. I do know that this little boy loves to ball up in the right side of my stomach, which has seemed to be his favorite spot since I've been able to feel him move. And the greatest mild stone ( at least for me anyway) has been SEEING HIM MOVE FROM THE OUTSIDE ! Yes it looks a little weird but I love it. I already love feeling him move and I now get to see him move. And I must say I love it. I know that I always mention it in just about every post, but I am thankful. I've never made it this far. Heck I've never made it past 19wks so to be here to experience all the things that I had hoped to experience with my angels is just such a blessing to me. No everything is not fun , like kicks to the vagina or being out of breath among a few other things, but I wouldn't trade these moments for anything. I think about my angels and how I wished I would have got this chance with them and I think I will always feel this way. But I know they are looking down on their little brother and that makes me smile. I have an Ob appointment this Friday. I can't wait to see him on the screen and see his little heart beat.

Thank you God for this blessing. Thank you that he is healthy and strong and developing as he should. Thank you that my cervix is holding strong. Still long and closed. And most of all thank you for all the small moments that make such big wonderful memories.

Forever Loving my Angels.

Yes I know this is a week late but here it is anyway Me at 30 wks!


Michele said...

And you look great to boot!! So happy for you :)

Nan & Mike said...

Lookin good girlfriend! :) so happy for just glad that idiot driver didnt hurt you you to pieces!!!! Rub tummy for me! xxxooo

Angie H said...

Oh wow !
I get so exited everytime I read your good news : ) !
I too loved to see from the outside how the baby moved , its fantastic ! Its also fun to try to rub the baby from outside and make it move : )
I am so happy for you !
Please keep us updated and know that you look great !
Yes the third trimester is hard .... less energy , harder to walk, worse sleep but its so much worth it in the end : )
Sending you love

Brie said...

You're adorable and thank goodness for 30 weeks. Your body is a rockstar this time around. Yayyyyy!

Deni said...

You're so adorable!!! Can't wait to meet sweet baby J!!!! Continuing to praise God for such a great experience for you this time around! And sending love to heaven for those sweet angels you have watching over y'all!

Andrea said...


Are you sure you can't reschedule that c-section for the 25th? LOL If so, baby J and Lleyton could have the same birthday ;) Just kidding, he needs his own special day.

Loads of love're doing so good and you look beautiful!


Melissa said...

So glad to hear a great update...just a few more weeks!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I've been out of town and was not able to read posts. I have heard since about Jace's birth.
Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

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