Thursday, February 2, 2012


Wow! I know here I am with the wow word again, but that's how I feel. at least that's the only way I can describe it. We are at 26wks. well 26wks and 3days to be exact. Well somewhat exact if I could calculate hours and minute that would be exact, but you get my drift. I must say the past few weeks have been somewhat challenging. Between dreams and some tough discussions with the hubby it's been interesting to say the least.

But today, today has been great! A wonderfully bittersweet moment which I can say it is majority sweet. I had an MFM appointment today and it went great! No changes in my cervix and it is still measuring at a 3.3. Which she then told me that this was my last appointment with her. ( yes I know "tear") But she said with me doing so well there is no need to see her anymore. We have made it past viability ( there's that word) and the next big step is making it to 28wks which for her is a time where she isn't worried about me delivering, but of course in our world we know all too differently, but still at the moment the fact that she was happy about it made me happy about it and of course she let it be known that she does want me to make it to 40 and believes I will. So yes though we where saying goodbye to Dr. S it was a great way to do so.

The Hubby and I also made our first big purchase in preparation for baby J. At least it was big for me. A mom car. yes I say mom car because I've gone from a 2 door read scion TC to a 4 door Lincoln MKX. So yes that's a big purchase and a big difference, but I am loving it thus far and and am looking forward to taking my little man around it.

Well I am done babbling for now so I will end with a few pics

26wks and I must say out of all the u/s pics we have this one is thus far the most precious one to me:

me at 23wks along

pic of my belly that hubby took at my doc appt.
and last but not least the bump at 26wks


Brie said...

OH my! Look at that beautiful pregnant belly carrying your sweet little boy! I am elated that you have been able to cross another "milestone" off your pregnancy list--well, two actually--viability and a "mom car".

Keep baking baby!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Such wonderful news. I am so happy for you and will continue to keep you and your little guy in my prayers.

Dawn said...

Yay! Happy 26 (almost 27!) weeks!! You look so great & I love that sono pic of your little man. I am so very happy for your & praise the Lord for the precious miracle that your baby boy is.

Melissa said...

That is amazing...I hope you make it to 40 too!

Ann said...

Beautiful pictures! God is so good! Cheering you to 40 weeks!

Lori said...

Beautiful!!! I LOVE IT!

And you will love the mom car. We moved into a CRV from an Accord before Matthew was born. Once we put the carseat in before we went to the hospital, we realized it was still pretty tight! (That's a huge carseat!) Before Luke was born, we got an offer from our dealer to buy the CRV back and sell us something new. Hence...the minvan. I LOVE IT.

I know people balk at the "Mom" car or minivan or whatever, but I love it. Waited a long time for it and I know you have too, so ROCK ON with the mom car!

Angie H said...

Hi !

So happy to hear that all is well ! Now you are soon 27 weeks and so close to the magic 28 .
I am so happy for you !
You look great !
Take the oportunity to be physically active while you can ; ) as the end of the last trimester is quite hard - you get more tired and are not as physically fit as normally - to me that was a bit of a shock even if people told me about it .
Sending you hugs : )

Nan & Mike said...

Hi beautiful girl....we need a 27 week update now :) love these you and Baby J! xxxooo

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