Friday, June 11, 2010

Short Vent

I understand that our blogs are meant for us to write our feelings. I understand on them we are allowed our own thought and opinions and if we don't like what we read we are free to stop following, don't follow or stop reading.

But a lot of the blogs i read are normally helpful, their journeys rally me along and lets me know there is hope. I meet wonderful women who get it. They get what i feel, they get what i'm going through, they get the ups and downs.

Since my journey i've loved all the blogs i've come across except for a few. But one I came across really hurt my heart. Not the whole blog entirely but just certain posts i guess.

I'm not sure how to describe it and again i understand that everyone has their own opinion but one post implied (at least that's how it came out to me) that once someone dealing with loss or IF becomes pg again that their stuggles or hurts are no longer there. Then upon giving my opinion, it was looked at as negative. How so? I am still trying to figure this out. As IF's and BLM's we need the support from those who have known our struggles more than we need it from outsiders b/c of course outsiders just don't get it. But then i thought hey maybe its just me, but then i read another post today. Needless to say I had to stop following. I understand that we all have hurts and struggles on this journey, but to me there is a fine line between (how can i say) hmmmmmmmmm letting out our hurts and being just as bad as the ones who hurt us.

I sincerely hope this does not offend anyone. This is just my perception and opinion of a situation that i had to get off my chest.

Still Loving My Angels....;0)


The Blue Sparrow said...

I totally agree with how you handeled that. I dont agree with that blogs take on how grief works either. I tend to follow the blogs that are most in line with my own beliefs and if they're not they are at least repectful of how everyone chooses to do so. Love the blog look too btw! *HUGS*

Marie W said...

I agree!

Andrea said...


You know why I gave you that name, right? Well, you bear that name beautifully!

As for hurt being washed away by a new, the hurt is never gone, maybe a little less, but never gone. For me, that aching for our first child will forever be with me. When you create "life" you never let go of that instantaneous love that fills the depths of your soul.

On a positive note, in the world of blogging we all have the opportunity to bear our souls to complete strangers. Some thoughts we will agree with and others we will find controversial. When we read things that we don't agree with or find "helpful" then its time to peacefully part ways :)

Be good to yourself love, you are a kind, sweet, compassionate soul and someone who has enriched my life in so many ways. Go forward from this experience and take it as a "teachable moment", just another life experience.

Love you,

Holly said...

Yeah, most blogs I have come across I enjoy reading. I don't always agree with everything and there are a few blogs I have chosen not to follow b/c I'm just not comfortable reading their posts over and over. There's also those I don't follow as closely because of content but still follow.

Whoever did right that is wrong IMO. The hurt is still there and I think a lot of people would vouch that.

DeniFay said...

Good post and your blog looks amazing!! I love it and most importantly you!!

Lisa Brown said...

Amen...well, said. I have NO clue how the hurt, heartache and despair would ever go away! I am so sorry that discouraged you...we are all in this together...hope you are doing so very very well!

Lori said...

I felt that way not too long ago...I almost felt like saying that I didn't get IF anymore because I've been able to get pregnant took away some identity that I never wanted but wore proudly nonetheless because it made me who I am. Sort of like IF (and now child loss) were/are my crosses to bear and though I NEVER wanted them, they are mine and I will do the best I can with them. To say they aren't mine anymore because I got pregnant? Seriously?

I agree...I just turn away sometimes. And that's fine!!!!

Love, love you! xoxo

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