Saturday, October 8, 2011

So my appointment yesterday went well. I got to see the butterbean and heartbeat. My doctor told me I am measuring on track and so far everything looks good. Then we went to her office and talked about my blood work. she tested me for everything under the sun.

Disclaimer: TMI coming up.

All tests were negative except for one. which she said that I carry a backteria that most women naturally carry and is harmless except in pregnant women. She gave me the name but I can remember it for the life of me (bacterial something with a P) anywho she said that it has been known to cause pre-term labor (which of course had me worried) it's nothing that is curable (cue more worry) but they do treat it to bring down the levels of it (okay somewhat nervous now but not really) but they can't treat it until 2wks. the medicine used for it isn't safe until the second trimester. So I have 3 wks well a little less than that (i will be exactly 10wks on monday) until I can get the medicine. But I must say overall I am not worried (a little concerned, but not worried) I have a peace that I know only God can give and I am ever so thankful for it.

I am also thankful to have an OB that is so thorough and caring. She actually sits and talks with me and makes me feel as if I matter, as if my concerns matter. That is so such a blessing to have. She told me to not hesitate to come in if i feel the need. Even if i don't have an appointment. She told me don't feel crazy because my concerns are valid. She even said I can call the answering service on the weekends when they are closed and they will get in touch with her.
That is such a relief to hear. After being treated as if my concerns where nothing or that I'm overreacting or being told things are fine when i know they werent and then losing babies because I felt no one listened, have Dr. V is such a relief.

So after talking she asked if I wanted to come again in 2wks or did I think I could make it 4. I told her that I think i can make it 4, but if i can't i'd call or just come in ;O)

So my next appointment with her is Nov 4 and my next appointment with Dr. S is Nov 23 but not sure if i can make it that long before seeing her, so that may change.

all in all I am thankful to be right were I am.

and on a totally off topic happy note:
I got 4 pair of shoes for under 200 bucks ;O) score 1 or 4 for me!


Ann said...

What an awesome doctor you have! God really knows what He's doing:) I am so happy you came away with peace after your appointment. I am sure this bacteria will not cause any trouble for you! Try your best to enjoy everyday and know that we are praying for you and your baby!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy to hear that your little one is right on target. Praying for your peace of mind. ((HUGS))

mrsnice777 said...

I love great OBGYNs! I have a great one too - they are rare. I'm so happy for you!


Deni said...

Super happy for good OBs who treat us like people not numbers and think concerns are valid! Changes the experience so much!! This sweet baby is already so loved!!!

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