Monday, March 7, 2011

4 to none

4 to none.

4, the number of people who have had children in less time than i have been married and on this journey of Loss.

0, the amount of full term pregnancies that i have had since being married.

Other numbers

1, person that I know of who "Only had this baby because my husband wanted it"

Too many, is the amount of people I know that didn't get pg on purpose, weren't happy when they found out they were pg, seemed to have a basketball team of kids with no problem.

What a record right ;O(


Ann said...

I'm right there with you. I know how you feel. Praying that we feel peace and joy very soon!

Deni said...

Those numbers suck! It is often a sad journey and I wish we weren't on the journey and didn't know this pain! I'm sorry you see this! I've made a point not to count the # of babies born since I've been trying, the number would be in the double digits and would hurt so badly I wouldn't be able to breathe! I sure love you honey and wish I could make your dream come true right now!!!!

Lots of big hugs!!!

Annie said...

Such sad numbers. I'll never understand why people who don't even want kids can have them so easily - by accident! Hoping your numbers are about to go up!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry ((HUGS)) Keeping you in my heart.

Brie said...

Shandrea, I'm right there with you with the 3 losses, 0 full terms..It's hard. It's hard to comprehend WHY this has happened, and WHY people who outwardly admit to not wanting kids, have them so easily.

I wish I could say with full conviction that I KNOW that I will have a biological child int he near future, but with my track record, i can't say anything.

I'm hopeful for you, for us, for every couple who has expereinced loss and is brave enough to keep on trudging forward and trying again and again until they find success.

Tonya F said...

I so know where you are coming from. Hang in there.
I am continuing to hold you in my heart.
Many HUGS!!


waiting41infla said...

breathe in...remember who you are and that God made you and your special angels for a reason. I am lifting you up in prayer always.

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